We specialise in designing highly nutritional food products and ingredients into the food market.  
Exofoods has developed a number of insect based food products, catering for the growing population demands and nutritional requirements of the global population.  With 7 billion people now living on this planet and a significant proportion of them being mal-nurished. Exofood provides a low cost, high nutritional value product that can be used instead of high cost foods typically derived from Western culture.
Entomophagy (the digestion of Insects) is quite common throughout the world.  Even if we hadn't planned to have some insects for lunch, many insect parts can be found in foods and quite often, these are essential sources of vitimins and minerals.
Western culture and growing wealth has seen the idea of eating Insects as almost taboo.  However, with the advent of greater global awareness, celebrity gameshows and adventures all showing that actually, it's just food.  The market for Insects for Human consumption is growing significantly.


Global Food Demand 


Eating insects is a common culinary activity in many parts of the World.  They have a higher food conversion efficiency than meats. For example, Insects energy input to protein output ratio is 4:1, whereas, raised livestock has a ratio of 54:1.  Again, we only eat around 60% of a cow, versus 100% of an insect can be eaten.
Insects have attractive qualities for food production besides their high energy efficiency. For example the spatial usage and water requirements are only a fraction of that required to produce the same mass of food with cattle farming. Production of 150g of grasshopper meat requires only very little water, while cattle requires 3290 liters to produce the same amount of beef.
In a world where millions are starving every year, food inflation is out of control, capital markets are profitering from food commodities and greenhouse gases caused from livestock are impacting our environment.   The Futurefood is Insects